Ten Steps to follow when buying a Home

  1. when you decide to buy a new home make yourself committed for your new home at least a couple of years before making your next move.

  2. Money is main power to get deal done. If you are considering to borrow money from financial institute , find out your credit score and get a copy of your credit report
  3. Get pre-approved. Don’t waste your time dreaming of house which you can’t afford   
  4. Get determined how large your mortgage could be. Find out mortgage options that fits your needs
  5. Decide what and where you want to live. Setting your priorities in home(i.e. Location, school , amenities)
  6. Look comparable sales data of neighborhood before making an offer 
  7. Get information of the hidden costs, Property taxes, insurance, maintenance and association fees., and calculate your monthly expenses so your wallet does not get hurt over a period
  8. Make sure about your calculations that you have not crossed limit of your expenses on the cost of your home so nothing is left for maintenance
  9. Get the home inspected by licensed home inspector before you  go forward with purchase process
  10. Find out a right real estate broker/agent that  you are comfortable with, who will work hard  to help you find a home that fits your need


Ten Steps to follow when Selling a Home

  1. Find out a well experienced real estate broker/agent who is familiar with your neighborhood. Professional with good track record in the community will be able to find out Buyer for your home
  2. Remove the clutter and make home with open spaces. Create a first good impression by keeping your home clean and orderly
  3. Spruce up the property. Make necessary changes that will improve show of your home. Adopt the simpler (less expensive) options so buying price covers your expenses 
  4. find out how much value your home worth. With the help of your real estate broker/ agent get fair market value of your home. You may get your home appraised 
  5. Your home will sell if the price is right. Your real estate broker/agent can help You to determine to set the price reflects the value of your home and trends prevailing in surrounding area
  6. Prepare a plan. Come with your price. How low are you ready to settle?
  7. Get pre-qualified for your next move. Be aware of your financial situation before  you start looking to buy another home
  8. Total up your selling costs. Commission, ad costs, attorney fees, taxes and prorated cost etc. your Real estate broker can tell you a very close estimate of seller closing costs
  9. Stage your property for welcome. You only have a one opportunity to make a first good impression
  10. Now your home is ready to show. Make it easy to show your home any day even with short notice so it can sale easily.